Beginner Spinning

This is a class for the spinning novice. Spinning from raw fleece and techniques for cleaning and drafting wool from the drop spindle to the spinning wheel will be discussed and demonstrated. Spinning wheels are available for class or you may bring your own.

Class Time: Four 2-hour classes

Class Fee: $145
Supply Fee: $30

Intermediate Spinning

Prerequisites: Beginner Spinning or must know the basics for spinning and be able to oprate the spinning wheel. Students will study the twists of spinning, learn plying techniques and make designer yarn. Spinning wheels are available for class or you may bring your own.

Class Time: Three 2-hour classes

Class Fee: $85
Supply Fee: $30

Exotic Fibers

Lectures and spinning of silk, cotton, mohair, angora, flax and hemp. Advanced class. There will be no review of beginner or intermediate spinning techniques. Spinning wheels are available for class or you may bring your own. Register for all sessions or for the session which interests you.

Class Time: Three 2-hour sessions

Class Fee: $195 for all sessions; $75 per session

1. Silk and Cotton: $30 Supply Fee
2. Mohair and Angora: $30 Supply Fee
3. Flax and Hemp: $30 Supply Fee

Knitting With Handspun

After learning how to spin all that yearn, letís make something! Learn methods of choosing knitting needles and gauging to complete a project or design of your choice.

Class Time: Three 90-minute classes

Class Fee: $75

Letís Make a Bathing Suit Seminar

Twain Revell will teach you and/or your group to custom make your own bathing suit. Two sessions: First you will take a trip to the fabric store to learn how to purchase the fabric. Second, we will make the bathing suit from a customized pattern made for your body. The goal of the session is for you to have the know-how to make your own bathing suits for life!

Class Fee: $75 per person per session

Creative Sewing Lessons

Perhaps you know how to sew or want to focus on a particular sewing skill, i.e. making a pair of pants or a blouse or a dress. Twain Revell can meet with you one-on-one or with your group to teach you new skills.

In these sessions everyone must be making the same type of clothing ó a dress or pants, etc. of their choosing. It is important that the project be full of skills within the session. For example, if choosing a dress, make sure the dress includes putting in a zipper and/or buttonholes. Donít choose things too simple so you learn something new.

In a recent class two people chose to make dresses. One personís dress involved cutting a print fabric while the other dress was color blocked. So, both people learned different skills in one session.

You must block off enough time to complete the project in 3-5 hours. Your pants or dress will be completed and ready to wear at the end of the session.

Fees for the creative sewing sessions begin at $100 per person. Fees will vary by the complexity of the project. Donít own a viable sewing machine? No problem! Sewing machines are available. All you need is enthusiasm!