Twain Revell is more than a Fashion designer. Not only will Twain design for you, but she will teach you how to do it yourself. To share her enthusiasm for the fine art of spinning, Twain gives an informative lecture called “Where Do Our Clothes Come From?” complete with videos, the demonstration of combing the natural hair from an angora rabbit, and unraveling the cocoon of a silkworm.

A native Chicagoan, Twain Revell moved to Washington, DC to attend Howard University majoring in marketing, an education which proved to be the ammunition with which she made into the fashion business of Twain’s Twines. Originally focused on custom design, Twain’s Twines has established itself as a unique fashion house with an educational component. Having a spinning curriculum for beginner, intermediate, and exotic fibers, Twain Revell taught for the Weaver’s Connection in Savage, MD and the Springwater Fiber Workshop of Alexandria, VA. The classes are available as four week courses and intensive weekends.

After twenty years in DC, she relocated to New York where Twain’s Twines produced one-of-a-kind Mudcloth coats with knitted sleeves and hoods from her handspun yarns.

While Corresponding Secretary of the New York City Chapter of the National Conference of Artists in 1995, Twain traveled to Senegal, Africa to gain first-hand knowledge of the handicrafts of African artisans.

July 1997, Twain Revell was commissioned by EXPLUS, Inc. of Dulles, VA to create title panels and two 6x8 foot maps of ancient Africa made from her patchwork Mudcloth. These works are on permanent display at the Horace M. Peterson III Visitor Center of the Jazz Museum at 18th & Vine, Kansas City, MO.

August 1998, the Harlem Venture Group voted Twain Revell Entrepreneur of the Month. For the holiday season 1999-2000, Twain’s Twines started her first retail boutique at the Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market in New York City.

Twain Revell is a featured fashion / artist at the following venues: New York City’s Autumn Crafts Festival on the Plazas of Lincoln Center September 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2006. One-of-a-Kind Show and Sale at Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois December 8-10, 2006.